First powersupply 2014-08-10

Again through Kijiji (ok - I work for Kijiji, so I have to check for stuff there first, don’t I?), I obtained a nice Alinco DM-330 power supply. It is a switching one, but got good reviews on eHam and I like the various extra front panel outputs, which not only makes it usable for my rig but also to power up various experiments. The Yaesu is happy with it, so I’m happy.

First rig 2014-07-28

On Kijiji, I found a decently priced Yaesu FT-897 (with the stable oscillator and bolt-on antenna tuner options). It’s not a perfect rig, but gives me pretty much all bands and will work at home, in the car, and outdoors. Even though I eventually want to go into soldering my own, mostly SDR-based, kit, I think this will serve me well in the near future.

Passed the test 2014-07-23

Well, thanks to Hamstudy, I sat down with Ori Siegel (VA3ORI) and scored 90/100 on my Basic test. Next, advanced - I really want to build my own kit :-)

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